Forensic Psychiatry Experts have a nationwide team of Section 12 approved psychiatrists available for every kind of court case where a forensic psychiatric assessment and medical report is necessary. Our vast team of psychiatrists allows us to provide options of which psychiatrist you choose, ensuring a tailored expert psychiatrist is selected to produce a fair and detailed medico-legal report.

Forensic Psychiatry Experts provides high quality reports to the legal profession. Our highly qualified psychiatrists provide several types of reports for the Courts via instruction, following suitable psychiatric assessments to advise on the mental health of the accused party.

 A forensic medico-legal psychiatric assessment for the purpose of Expert Witness Testimony is required for someone charged with a crime, for several reasons. The forensic assessment can establish if they have capacity to stand trial. If a mentally ill individual is convicted, a forensic report can be required to assist the sentencing decision, with possibility of mitigation. A forensic psychiatric assessment may also be needed to describe the connection between an individual’s mental illness and the risk of further offences.

Decision to Prosecute

Any information on mental health of accused, ought to be made available to the prosecutor as early as possible. Our psychiatrists’ complete mental health and capacity assessments regularly in a timely fashion to evaluate whether prosecution is in the public interest.

Fitness to Plead and Fitness to Stand Trial Assessments

A forensic psychiatric assessment establishes whether the accused has the legal capacity to stand trial, evaluating any possible and known mental disorders.

The assessment from our section 12 approved psychiatrists determine if the accused is able to understand court proceedings, instruct a solicitor, challenge a juror and understand the different pleas and verdicts.

A medical report can also show the effect of Court proceedings on the mental health of accused, which can affect how the proceedings take place and the timeframe.   

Establishing motivations

Our expert forensic psychiatrists regularly complete reports assessing the client’s awareness of the crime committed at the time, and whether they comprehend the situation.


Forensic Psychiatry Experts produce medico legal reports regularly, outlining mental disorders a client has, for Courts to take into consideration before sentencing. A mental disorder that influenced crime committed for example can impact sentencing.

We are also instructed for medico-legal forensic reports that assess the degree of risk and likelihood of future offences. Our extensive psychiatric reports also assist in determining if extra measures are necessary such as a secure hospital setting for the custodial sentence.